Here’s the view from the office window this morning – beautiful autumn light and a glimpse of our tree house 

Here’s little miss 5 working on her first knitting project 😄😄

Last week I set up my loom at weaving school for a new project. Here’s the warp when it was still waiting to go on the loom

Last year we had a tawny owl nesting in the big birdhouse behind our house, and we were lucky enough to see its baby (or babies?).  This year we have a new tenant, and it looks like another tawny.

One morning we saw a red squirrel climbing the oak tree and the owl watching it warily.  The squirrel ended up climbing right up onto the birdhouse roof!

The squirrrel was obviously not familiar with the Tale of Squirrel Nutkin – who gets his tail bitten off by an owl.


I have a new whittling knife but gave myself a blister, so my thumb needed a whittling break.

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I finished these back in the summer, I’m just hopeless about blogging. My first two rag rugs, one in denim and one in assorted old bedsheets.



Both were made on the same warp. The denim rug lives in our bathroom, and the pink one was claimed by the girls.

This mother & calf have been frequent visitors to our garden over the last few days.

The clocks have changed and the dark days have started.  A couple of weekends ago, before it got too wintry, we met some other families down by the sea and grilled sausages together for dinner.  I took this panorama before the sun went down.

Look what I bought for 10 kronor this weekend!


Isn’t she pretty?