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A few weeks ago, I felt a twitch inside my abdomen, that felt a lot like one of those little convulsions you get in your eyelid sometimes. I decided it was far too early to be baby movement, so I forgot about it.

But now over the last week, the twitching has increased in frequency and intensity, and little Squirt is making his/her presence known. It’s quite a funny sensation – a lot like an eyelid convulsion, and a lot like someone is gently prodding me … from inside. It happens most if I’ve just been faffing around and doing a lot of things, and then I sit down and relax.

There hasn’t been a lot of other baby-related happenings – this stage is quite boring, actually. Squirt and I are both getting bigger, and I think I definitely “look pregnant” now. I have started prenatal yoga, and had my first unusual craving: limes. MMmmmmmm, limes. I bought a lime one day from the supermarket by work … I squeezed a little into the soup I had for lunch, but just ate most of it. Nom nom nom.

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