15. July 2010 · Comments Off on Little people · Categories: Anneli

Those little people can be silly at times.  Our little one took a tumble in the bathroom the other night, and instead of catching herself with her hands (as is most common) or forehead (less common, but it’s happened more than once), she caught herself with her mouth.  This new technique resulted in one very loose little tooth, a bit of blood, and quite a lot of tears.

According to the dentist, the tooth is quite likely to be alright once the gum around it heals up nicely and snugs it back into place.   So she’s back on “baby” style food for a while – mushy stuff and things that can be cut up really small.  Which is a shame when she has really started to enjoy using her incisors on apples, knäckebröd, and other crunchy things.

The most perplexing thing about this episode is that it happened when she wasn’t even climbing on anything.  She’s such a danger monkey that we’re both amazed that the first tooth injury didn’t occur as a result of climbing in the fireplace, or out a window, or up on a dining chair to play with my laptop, or onto the kitchen stool to play at the sink …

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