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I finished these back in the summer, I’m just hopeless about blogging. My first two rag rugs, one in denim and one in assorted old bedsheets.



Both were made on the same warp. The denim rug lives in our bathroom, and the pink one was claimed by the girls.

Look what I bought for 10 kronor this weekend!


Isn’t she pretty?

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Last night I hit the middle point on my second rag rug. Here’s a shot of where I left it:

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Tonight I finished my first rag rug. I warped the loom for two rugs so it is still on the loom and the next one is hot on its heels.  Here you can see the last part of rug #1:


And here is the first part of rug #2:


#2 is for the girls’ room,  hence the pinkness.  I had suggested rug #1 could be theirs, but I got a wrinkled up nose and a “Noooo,  Mamma, not a jeans rug”.  So they get a stash – buster of assorted pastels, and I get to put the jeans rug wherever I like.

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CNN: “This is your brain on knitting”


  • Crafting can help those who suffer from anxiety, depression or chronic pain, experts say
  • It may also ease stress, increase happiness by releasing neurotransmitter called dopamine
  • Leisure activities such as reading and crafting may protect brain from aging, study finds
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Att weaving school I’m working on some hand towels, but I wanted to give myself a practise project at home as well. So I set up my little table loom with some wool yarns that I had many small quantities of. I squeezed out enough bits for the warp and am using an all-grey weft.

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Back in early December I cut my first weaving off the loom, and sewed up the results into 3 new cushion covers.

The two square cushions are each orange on one side and blue on the other. The background colour is beige mop yarn, the solid stripes are coloured mop yarns and the variegated strips are rags from old bedding.

The rectangular cushion is all mop yarns, and I wove it in the round, so I only had to set in a zip and it was done! No seams!

Now they live in our kitchen sofa.

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A few weeks ago I started at weaving school. There is an awful lot to learn about setting up a loom, and what with being away on holiday for 2 weeks it was only last night that I actually made some weaving progress. Behold, my first 16 centimeters!

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I finally made a play tent for the kids. Well, when I say “made”, I mean that I got an ikea mosquito net/tent from the Red Cross and sewed some fabric onto it to provide some shade. In any case it does the job, and I think it can continue to be fun indoors in the winter too.

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For her 4th birthday, Anneli requested an embroidery kit. I got her one, and she completed it in many short bursts over a couple of months:


She started at the fish’s top lip and worked her way around, and you can see how her stitches evolved as she went along.

She promptly asked for something else to stitch! So I found a frame and some fabric, and drew hearts in a variety of sizes & positions as directed by her:


I am so thrilled that she enjoys this, and so proud of her skills at just 4 years old!
She is already itching for a new project … more hoops have been acquired thanks to our friends at the Red Cross shop.