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Last year we had a tawny owl nesting in the big birdhouse behind our house, and we were lucky enough to see its baby (or babies?).  This year we have a new tenant, and it looks like another tawny.

One morning we saw a red squirrel climbing the oak tree and the owl watching it warily.  The squirrel ended up climbing right up onto the birdhouse roof!

The squirrrel was obviously not familiar with the Tale of Squirrel Nutkin – who gets his tail bitten off by an owl.

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The clocks have changed and the dark days have started.  A couple of weekends ago, before it got too wintry, we met some other families down by the sea and grilled sausages together for dinner.  I took this panorama before the sun went down.

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I haven’t seen the baby owl for over a week now, so I guess it has left home.  The day after I took the previous photos, I saw it peeking out during daylight hours, so I got a couple more shots.

Today I happened to see mamma/pappa owl fly away from the nest box and shortly afterwards we saw it being chased around by two crows.  I grabbed the camera but the whole party went over the forest and I saw the owl do a crazy spinning dive below the treetops.  I waited a while for it to come home, but fairly quickly got bored of hanging out the bathroom window.

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When we first moved into our house 3 years ago we had an owl living in this birdhouse, but since then we’ve only seen wasps and small birds living in it.  This year we have had a new resident, a tawny owl – or possibly two of them.  We started to suspect there could be a baby there, since it’s hatching time and since I saw the parent owl fly up one evening and appear to drop something off in the box before flying away again.  I suspected he/she was dropping off a takeaway.  The next evening we got to see this precious fluffy little bundle peeking out.

Back in early December I cut my first weaving off the loom, and sewed up the results into 3 new cushion covers.

The two square cushions are each orange on one side and blue on the other. The background colour is beige mop yarn, the solid stripes are coloured mop yarns and the variegated strips are rags from old bedding.

The rectangular cushion is all mop yarns, and I wove it in the round, so I only had to set in a zip and it was done! No seams!

Now they live in our kitchen sofa.

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After an extended holiday in NZ, we’re back in the Swedish winter. Saturday night brought a nice layer of snow. We sat by the fire and drank whisky with good friends while it fell.

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This morning I picked 2.7kg of cherries.  Last year was a hopeless year for cherries – I think I ate about four of them.  The birds took care of a few more, but there was really no fruit to speak of.

But this year, OOOH BOY.  The tree still looks like this, after this morning’s harvest:


I feel a pie coming on.

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I didn’t take a proper “before” photo of our greenhouse, prior to starting this project.  It was totally overgrown with grass and weeds, because I had no motivation to go in there.  Last year, during our ridiculously wet summer, it was almost constantly flooded.  Whoever built it had decided to dig the path out so that it was below ground level, I guess because that was easier than making raised beds.  That meant that whenever it rained, the path was underwater – sometimes up to about 20cm of water.  Last year’s tomatoes went mouldy before they even had a chance to ripen.

So, something had to be done.  We started a few weeks ago when my dear dear parents-in-law helped to dig out all the old weeds and soil and moss and ant nests.  Then I pulled up all the old paving stones from the old path, and removed the rotten bits of laminate flooring that had been used to edge the beds.


Then on Saturday came the major working bee.  With help of an extra pair of strong arms we started raising the ground level.  Our neighbour had dropped off a load of topsoil with his tractor, so that went in first, and we dug a drainage ditch which we filled with gravel.


Then we threw in a layer of sand.  A lot of sand.  Luckily we had 10 tonnes.  I think we have about 6 tonnes now.  Once we had the level up to the outside ground level, we laid out a path with a bunch of paving stones that we recently bought secondhand.


And then in with another load of top soil into the beds, with some bark mulch mixed in.  These baby chilis and capsicums have been moved in, although it’s way too late in the season and I don’t expect to harvest anything.  I hope that they’ll grow a bit though, and I’ll bring them indoors for the winter and hope to get something next year.  I also popped in a small rosemary that’s been living on the veranda.


And then we went out and bought two grape vines  🙂


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I am no longer the destroyer of orchids!

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The rose bushes are all starting to bloom, so it’s time again to start bringing them indoors to enjoy.