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Summer began last week, with a series of hot days culminating in a real scorcher on Saturday. The kids cooled off in the pool while I sweated in the vege patch. Then the weather broke, with some thunder and rain, which meant sitting on the veranda under the roof and watching the rain do the watering for me. A perfect gardening day, really.

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As well as the many vege babies in our kitchen, I have a few ornamentals that are managing to survive. This is a big deal as I have a long tradition of killing pot plants.


This is a rose that I raised from a cutting. At our old house we had a huge red rose bush that had been planted by L’s grandmother back in the 50s. We couldn’t dig it up and bring it with us, so I took 6 cuttings. This is the sole survivor.  It’s been green all winter and has two new spurts of growth.  I’m planning to take a few more cuttings from this, as backup, before planting this one out this summer.


I have owned three orchids in my life, all gifts.  This is the only one that has lived.  And not only is it alive, but it is growing!  It has gained leaves over the winter and how it has this long new shoot, and some new roots growing as well.  Exciting stuff.

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Last night after dinner, I had the strangest feeling of having energy to burn. It was such a foreign feeling to have at the end of a weekday, so I thought I should take advantage. So I climbed up the hill behind the house. I’m clearly out of shape because my leg muscles really burned, so I decided to go up & down a few more times. Here was the view from the top.


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I finished this bed runner last month, but blog posts have been few & far between lately.


This was the original fabric: an old curtain that I picked up my favourite fabric store (the Red Cross)


I used a kaleidoscope quilt technique that I had read about, and made hexagons.  Here was a work-in-progress shot:


I didn’t have enough batting for it so I just quilted the top onto a piece of white backing fabric.  I used pretty much every square centimetre of that curtain, including some big crazy tie-backs with bows on them that were home-made with a variety of methods, including hand stitches, staples, and a couple of treacherous headless pins.  No sewists were injured in the making of this bed runner though.


After teasing my mother-in-law about how many different seeds she had ordered, I went ahead and ordered 9 packets for myself.  I still have a huge stash of seeds from previous years, but I had no broad beans or thyme, and I wanted to try a few different pumpkins this year since we have lots of good flat sunny growing space for them.

In the pile above are:

  • Sunflowers “Giant Yellow”
  • Poppies, “Siberian”
  • Marigolds (Tagetes) “Tashkent”
  • Creeping Thyme Thymus serpyllum
  • Yellow Crookneck Squash
  • Broad beans “Witkiem” and “Super Aquadulce”
  • Pumpkins “Buttercup” and “Red Kabocha”

I have also bought some clover seeds, as I want to experiment with growing clover as a ground cover among the pumpkins.  I can’t wait for spring!

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Just look at that.  Clean, drinkable water, right out of a tap in our very own home.


About a week and a half ago I realised just how much we take this for granted.  Our water comes from a deep bore behind the house, and an electrical fault had caused the pump in the bore to die a slow and horrible death.  It started with poor water pressure on a Sunday.  By Monday night we were squeezing the last trickle out of the tank, sprinkling it on the girls and optimistically calling it a shower (they were not impressed).  By Tuesday morning we were living off bottles of water fetched from the neighbours’ house.

Finally on the Thursday a new pump was acquired and installed.  I’m slightly impressed with how well we managed on bottled water, but oh boy that first shower when it was running again was one of the best showers of my life.

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We got this amaryllis as a Christmas present, and it has flowered spectacularly.  Isn’t it a beauty!

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Before Christmas I finished these two slip covers for two grubby white armchairs.  The chairs themselves are wonderful, but they could really use re-upholstering after having lived with us and our marmite-loving children.  But it seems foolish to reupholster them now, so until the kids are bigger they will live underneath these removable & washable slip covers.

The fabric is from two pairs of curtains that I picked up at a second-hand shop.  They are held in place underneath with some button tabs that wrap around each leg, and there is velcro holding one side seam together, so that it was possible to make them removable but still snug fitting.

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Winter is finally here! This was the view just after breakfast, and it’s been snowing all day now. We’re pleased, because our driveway was a slushy swamp after a very wet autumn. Now it is frozen solid 🙂