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I have been rather hopeless at posting on the blog lately.  Since our darling daughter started at daycare, she has become very good at bringing home strange and unusual bugs that our poor immune systems are not used to, and so there has been a string of colds going through the house.  My most recent one turned into a sinus infection that actually had me shedding tears in misery.

Happily, we are all healthy again now.  I thought I would post some photos from last month that haven’t previously had their public debut.

Back in the spring, everything started to green up and then the ground burst out into a sea of these little white flowers – vitsippor in Swedish.  This bit of forest is on our daily “commute” to daycare.  In the winter it was impassable, but in the spring it became the highlight of the day.

A local forest patch

Anneli enjoys the forest view on her way home

We had our own cherry blossom festival here:

And then we had a storm, after which they looked like this:

We had some stunning weather in May.  After a brief heat wave:

Richard arrived for a visit, and it turned back to average springtime.  But it was still nice enough for a picnic down on the beach.

And we took our guest to Universeum in Gothenburg, where we saw pointy pink birds and fluffy black monkeys.

I had one lonely tulip blooming in the tulip patch:

Most of its friends were nibbled to death by the deer:

Lonely tulip did eventually get some friends who also bloomed, but it was far from being the tulip patch of my dreams.

That pretty much sums it up for May 2010.  We did a lot of digging in the garden, but I don’t have particularly interesting photos to show for it.  Stay tuned though because the vegetable patch is starting to produce the goods!

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Finally I have gone through the photos taken during our wonderful scenic flight over Onsala. It was unfortunately quite a bumpy flight so I didn’t get a lot of sharp pictures. Luckily Dad scored a really good one where we can clearly see Kinna and Anneli on the deck of the house.

Here is a picture showing our house in relation to the beach:

And here is one showing the border of our property:

All the pictures above can be clicked to see the full-sized version. And you can view all the photos here.

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I finally got 9 rolls of 120 film from my Holga camera developed, and surprisingly, some of the pictures were actually okay! You can see the best ones here

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i’ve just been a little busy. i have managed to put together a wedding album for paula & chris, but otherwise haven’t gotten a lot done since the trip to NZ. so i still have pictures from NZ and shanghai, that i will trot out onto the website soon, i promise. oh and some of our teeny london snow storm as well. and some in-progress pictures of the spare room redecoration, and hopefully soon some completed pictures too!

anyday now. i promise.

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I’m having a bit of a getting-stuff-done weekend. Yesterday I did some shopping – got new hiking sneakers which I’ve been in need of for quite a while, and some sock yarn requested by mum. When I got home, I thought about the excess bananas in the fruitbowl, and decided they should be a cake. So I had to go back out and buy a cake tin, but it was worth it. I made a chocolate frosting (dark belgian chocolate, butter and soya milk) and Tracey popped over to help me eat some of it.

I also indulged in a few cake photos in the style of Jane Brocket:

This was taken with my new 50mm f1.8 canon lens, which I like very much. I also took this one of Linus drinking his espresso at Borough Market last weekend:

Speaking of my lovely husband, and since I’m apparently in a photo-posting frenzy, here are my valentine’s day roses. Linus got a valentine’s day cheese (a gorgonzola piccante), which I think he was happy with.

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it’s easy to feel very negative sometimes … it’s draining to live in a big city, with all the commuting and crowds and long days and stinky air and repeated tube breakdowns and getting stuck in a tunnel because the power failed and all the lights go out and you’re in the pitch dark in an overcrowded carriage full of strangers and you already had a migraine and then they kick you off the tube because it’s broken so you and a few thousand other people are all trying to get onto two buses and you’ve only gone one stop from work so far and it already took over an hour and there’s still a long way to go and now it’s going to take even longer.

but then sometimes some little thing makes you cheer up, and for me at the moment it’s this photo. i took this at bletchley park last summer while dad was here. it was ages before i got around to properly looking through my photos from that day, but when i finally did, this one really jumped out at me. i just love it, it feels like summer and the yellowness and the nice light has a magic way of making me feel a bit better.

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yes, it’s time for the obligatory let’s-look-back-at-2007 post. what an amazing year! it feels like the first half passed in a frenzy of wedding organisation, but we did still manage to take some trips away, including a memorable easter in marrakech and yet another weekend in paris. i also took a fantastic girly weekend away in february, escaping to budapest with theresa, toni & tracey. we also visited knutsford several times in the first half of the year, to take advantage of the never-ending hospitality of aunty angela & uncle paul while i had my dress fittings with their neighbour.

the wedding week fairly flew by, and we enjoyed every minute of it. it was great to have so many people join us in sweden, and to be able to spend some extra time with those who stayed on a bit longer. we had a month back in london before heading over to NZ and having our second wedding reception, which was another great day. i caught up with old friends who i hadn’t seen for many years, and it was great to introduce Linus to everyone and to show him a tiny bit of my home town. from there we long-hauled it to the maldives for two weeks of blissful honeymoon.

since the wedding & honeymoon we’ve been mostly housebound, and starting to make improvements to the flat. we’ve replaced all the windows & doors with brand new double glazed ones, much more secure and much less breezy! the next step is to get some paint on the walls and some new flooring.

2007 was an interesting year for my career. in march i wrapped up my job at that big investment bank i was working for and headed for a new job at lastminute.com. as i threw out piles of “business casual” clothes i told myself i was leaving that industry behind forever and i fully embraced the jeans & sneakers environment again. it didn’t turn out to be all that i hoped for though, and i decided to make another move after just 3 months. i did a couple of weeks work for my old company – artists first – before heading away on honeymoon, and then started contract hunting when we returned. and lo and behold, i ended up buying a whole new business casual wardrobe! yes, i’m now back in the world of banking, but it’s a whole different world when compared to the last one. plus, as a contractor you don’t have to care about shmeltzing yourself into the “company culture” and don’t have to sweat about whether you’re doing enough networking to earn yourself a bonus. and i get paid more too. why wasn’t i doing this before?!

of course, the year wasn’t all sunshine and roses. you win some and you lose some, and we lost some very special people in 2007. early in the year Linus’s friend Rob was killed in a motorcycle accident, and not too long afterwards we were travelling to Sweden for the funeral of Agda, mother to Linus’s Dad’s wife Ulla. i had met Rob only a few times, and never met Agda (though i really wish i had – she was a knitting legend!), but it was obvious that they were both really special people and were well loved by many.

most painful for me was the death of my nana, just before we were due to come to NZ for our wedding party. she was a cunning old bird though, and let go just in time to allow us to attend the funeral, without having to see her in the sadly bed-ridden state she was in at the end – i do believe that she quite deliberately chose her time. i miss her terribly though. the world was a richer place for having had these three individuals in it, and we’ll never forget them.

sadly for nana, she missed out on one of the happiest occasions of the year – the arrival of her first great-grandchild, my nephew luke. he’s the cutest baby of all time – although i may want to retract that statement when i have one of my own!

and now it’s 2008 and there is much to look forward to. in february/march we’ll be back in NZ for a while, to catch up with the family and to be at the wedding of my very very dear friend paula. in june we will be taking possession of a little house in sweden by the sea, and there’s every possibility we’ll be moving into it before the end of the year.

so here’s to a new and exciting year, bringing more good changes and hopefully something great for everybody.

happy new year!

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yeah, yeah, yeah … i know

we’ve been back in london for quite some time, and since i’ve been jobless i have no real excuse for not blogging. meh.

i have however put up some honeymoon photos here.

and i have become an aunty! little luke arrived on sunday afternoon, and is very tiny and cute and wriggly.

and i have also acquired a new job, which i will be starting on monday. no more “lady of leisure”. and it’s the kind of place that will mean i have to re-stock my wardrobe with all the “business casual” clothes that i chucked out earlier this year … doh!

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didn’t that come up quickly?

we are flying to sweden tomorrow night (wednesday) ahead of the big day on saturday. don’t expect much blogging for a week or so 🙂

there’s a couple of new additions to my photo collection lately. firstly just a few pictures from hampton court palace flower show. unfortunately the weather was crap and the total lack of buses meant that i only had one hour to spend at the show (thanks, TFL), so we just spent our time inside the flower marquees out of the rain. that meant that a lot of my pictures were taken in very low light. anyway, there are some not-too-bad shots.

secondly my first attempt at HDR (high digital range) photography. you can read more about HDR here.

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well, google’s takeover of blogger seems to be less than seamless – my old blogger account is either gone or inaccessible and i’ve had to resort to setting up a completely new one.

oh well, it had been ages since my last blog anyway 😛 maybe some other day i will restore all the posts from the archives.

anyway. today i have had a photo sorting frenzy, and i have a whole lot of new stuff to show. Actually it’s all not that new, as the comments show …

vallda sandö, sweden (christmas)
lulworth cove, UK (last summer)
budapest, hungary (girl’s weekend in march)
marrakech (easter)
chelsea physic garden, london (visited with tracey in february)
la palma, the canary islands (last december)
brighton, UK (last november)

the day started out dim and rainy so i took the opportunity to sit indoors and deal with photos, erina (who’s currently staying with us) is similarly updating her own blog, and linus was/is on the playstation. last night for erina’s birthday we took her out to le quecumbar, where a fantastic band “the bright size gypsies” were playing. i always enjoy the live music at le quecumbar, but these guys were particularly brilliant. they’ll be playing the first sunday of every month, so go and check them out for some entertaining gypsy jazz.