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A long overdue summary of our Easter weekend!  We drove up to Bjursås, where the landscape was still wintery.  We went out for two picnics on two different frozen lakes.  The men folk made campfires so we could toast sausages.  Anneli and Ulla did some skiing on the lakes.  And Frida toddled and babbled.

A fun time was had by all, until the drive home on Easter Monday when our car broke down.  We turned around & went back to the in-laws, and since it was a public holiday had to wait until the following morning to take it to the local garage.  By the end of Tuesday they still didn’t know what was wrong, but we really needed to get back home.  Luckily our car insurance covers 75% of a rental car when the car breaks down.  So we picked up a rental and packed it up and came home.

We still have a rental and our car is still not fixed.  But we have organised the purchase of another car, which we should hopefully get this week.  Then we’ll sell that stinking Volvo.  We’ve had it just over a year and it’s cost far too much in repairs.  Good riddance!




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Back in July, for our 5th wedding anniversary, we left the kids with their grandmother and took a road trip down to Copenhagen for a night.

I decided to document the trip with Retro Camera.  Since this is what all the kids seem to do these days.

First, since we had kindof a late start to the day (thanks to our wonderful kids for a very rare sleep-in), we had a quick stop at Max for a brunch-time burger.

First stop: Max


Onwards to Helsingborg, and then on to the ferry!

On the ferry


After parking up and checking in, we went out searching for more sustenance.  At Green Sushi we stopped for sashimi.

Afternoon snack


In the harbour there was a sandcastle competition going on.

Sandcastle competition


We strolled around enjoying the lovely weather.  Here’s an obligatory shot of Nyhavn.



On to our anniversary meal … big, fat, juicy organic steaks at Gourmandiet.  Oh yeah.  Oh yeah, baby.  If you like meat, and you like it cooked the way you ask for it, and you are a crazy hippy who eats organic things, and you’re going to Copenhagen, then GO EAT THERE.

Fantastic meal at Gourmandiet


The next morning we did a little shopping before heading up the coastal road back to the ferry.  Of course we got hungry along the way, and stopped at this little treasure:

Roadside restaurant on the way home


There was so much good stuff on the menu that we ordered three main courses – a steak tartare, a slab of lovely beef, and a fantastic salad with goats cheese.  All good!

Another wonderful meal on the drive home


And we ate in a booth like this one.  So cozy!  We now want a dining nook in our house.

Booth in the lovely roadside restaurant

We’re just back from two weeks holiday in Bitez, Turkey.  We all had a great time – Anneli loved splashing in the pool and the sea, Frida had little swims and nice naps in the shade, and Linus and I both managed to switch off some of the time (I read a whole book!)

Here’s a selection of favourite photos, but you can see all the holiday photos here.

On the beach at Yalikavak

Frida waves from the breakfast terrace

Anneli enjoying an OJ on the beach at Gundogan

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We’re back from a week’s holiday in the sun in Tenerife, and I’ve actually managed to get myself in order and put up a page of photos!  Hopefully I’ve also figured out how I’m going to arrange my photo gallery on the site and I can start putting back all the old photos that vanished when I moved providers.

You can find all the fun and sunshine photos here.

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image IMG_8909.jpg

We were lucky enough to spend a whole week at the cottage in Clarkville while in NZ. Mrs Clarkville was newly freed from work at the start of her maternity leave, so although we were working while there, we also got to do a few excursions, like a jaunt up and over the Port Hills.

Anneli enjoyed making friends with Toby:

image IMG_8894.jpg image IMG_8919.jpg

We were there for the amazing honey harvest:
image IMG_8904.jpg

And we were privileged to sleep beneath the beautiful “wedding tablecloth quilt”, which I love:
image IMG_8913.jpg

Thank you Clarkevillians!

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I have uploaded a few pictures of Anneli and a few random pictures taken so far in NZ.

For baby cuteness, check out Anneli’s gallery

For scenery and stuff, check out our trip gallery.

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Every time I open my laptop there is work to do, and I’d much rather free myself from the computer and be out in the sun, rather than writing blog posts or processing photographs. So if you’re waiting for photos, you’ll just have to keep waiting … until we get a rainy day or something!

We spent the weekend in picturesque Hunnebostrand, by the sea:

We enjoyed a preposterous amount of seafood, including crabs, shrimp, smoked mackerel, seafood pate, löjrom (a kind of caviar), havskräftor (small crayfish, like langoustines), and finally lobster as the main event. I’m fairly sure it was the best lobster I’ve eaten – moist and tasty and not at all chewy. Lobster season runs from September to April, and Hunnebostrand is the home of the “Lobster Academy”.

We also visited a couple of flea markets, where I scored a marble rolling pin and two awesome vases from Alingsås Keramik:

Back home, we found that mice have been having a party in the part of the cellar where Linus was aging some cheese. We have set out a bunch of traps, but from the amount of cheese that has been eaten it seems we may have a mouse army living downstairs.

Anneli’s first tooth made its debut appearance last Wednesday, which pleased her immensely. But after a day of grumpiness she seems to have gotten used to it being there. It feels strange when I feed her though, and feel the tooth scritch against the plastic spoon. I wonder how long it will be before the rest of them start popping up, and if she will be similarly grumpy each time – or better, or worse.

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At last, photos from our trip to Toledo are up … click here.

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The week before last, we snuck off to Paris for a 3 night mini break, and (unlike my other half-dozen or so trips to Paris) we even managed to do some touristy stuff.

Our first outing was to the Chateaux de Versailles:

Which was sparkly.

The next day we descended into the Paris catacombs:

Not so sparkly. I was a little alarmed by the sign warning of the 130 steps down and 83 steps up that would be required, since even unpacking the dishwasher makes me start panting these days. But actually the staircases weren’t too much of a problem, and we went straight to a cafe for refreshments when we got out.

We also went to see Keith Jarrett doing a solo improvisation concert, and took a nice dinner cruise on the Seine. The set menu included a bottle of champagne and a bottle of wine per couple – I had half a glass of champagne, and Linus made a valiant effort and managed to polish off most of the rest.

Back in London, we are in the thick of moving arrangements for the big shift to Sweden. The movers are coming next Wednesday to take our stuff, and we fly over on Friday. We are staying with my cousin in north London for the last 2 nights after all our belongings have left. The BMW is on Ebay and we’ve been looking at Saabs on the internet – ooh, to have a car with functional heating! What a treat!

There’s not much news on the pregnancy front. We had a bit of a growth spurt last week, so I suddently felt a bit heavier and really notice the increased waddle and the difficulty of rolling over in bed. I had my last appointment with our local GP yesterday, all was fine and she was confident that baby is head-down at the moment, so I’m hoping he/she stays that way. I’ll be 33 weeks when we fly, but SAS will accept pregnant lumps up to 36 weeks and I have a “fit to fly” letter from the GP so all should be fine.

Here’s a picture of the whole family in Paris: