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Mmmm, fresh bread.

This was made using the super-easy bread recipe here. It is insanely simple and really delicious. According to the instructions, you can keep the dough in the fridge for up to 2 weeks, during which time it acquires more of a sourdough flavour. However, despite mixing up enough for 4 loaves at a time, we haven’t managed to keep a batch for more than a few days, so I wouldn’t know.

I’ve also been doing some sewing, since knitting is off the menu while my hands are all sleepy. I made some cushions for the kitchen sofa:

And I’m working on covering a piece of foam for a seat-cushion for this sofa as well. All this fabric was a super bargain at Ikea – 39kr each for rolls of 1.2m x 3m (about £3.20 or $8 NZD). I’ve also sewn up some curtains for the kitchen.

The weather has been fluctuating between fairly warm and fairly cold. Last week we woke up one morning to an outside temperature of -9, and a frozen water pipe that prevented any hot water from making an appearance in the bathroom. Luckily L’s recent tool-buying bonanza had included a heat gun, which he could use to defrost the pipe and get things working again. It had dropped to around -15 in the night, which is probably about as cold as it gets in this part of the country. After that everything warmed up a bit, and it’s been above zero (3-5 degrees) up until last night when we headed back into frostiness.

The baby room is all prepared now, and we got two lovely big parcels of baby goodies this week from Mum and Aunty A in England. The baby will now be clothed! We still need to buy nappies but I feel quite a bit more prepared. The insanely cheap Ikea flooring looks pretty good, and we have a cabinet with a changing bench assembled.

In pregnancy news, I saw a physio today about my sleepy hands, and I got a pair of wrist splints to wear at night which should help me sleep. Well actually I only got the right one, because they couldn’t find a left one in the right size so she will post me one and I should have it next week. So here’s hoping that it helps keep my hands awake so I can get a good night’s sleep!

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