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OhMyGosh! I finished a quilt:

When I ordered flannel for making cloth nappies, I somewhat overcatered … so I used the many leftovers for this quilt. The circles were great for using up the small pieces left over from cutting out nappies. Here is the back:

I was inspired and guided by this tutorial. Sewing the circles was kinda tedious, kinda fun. I think it would have been much more fun with more different fabrics – working with just two colours made the piecing a bit boring. I was a bit concerned about being able to quilt it in my little Brother PX-100, but it actually wasn’t too difficult. I don’t know how well she would cope with a grownup-sized quilt though.

Finally, here it is with the blurry little recipient:


  1. It looks GREAT!

  2. Yay! You did a great job!! Are you hooked on quilting for life now???

    I discovered the Polka Dot Quilt that inspired your quilt last weekend, and I'm now at work on making my own! I have lots of scraps that will make a wonderful girly quilt. So much fun! 🙂