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A couple of weeks ago I read on Johanna’s blog that Normi Garn was going to be closing down soon.  This is a yarn & fabric shop with a fabulously chaotic feel to it – stock piled high against the walls, chock full of treasures that must date back at least a couple of decades, waiting to be uncovered.

So, I went twice.

First time round was a family excursion, but to be honest it’s not that easy to yarn & fabric shop with a husband, a toddler and an infant.  The nice man in the shop gave Anneli a box of buckles to play with, and a Bamse book, which kept her (and Linus) entertained, but Frida was a bit grumpy and I felt a little rushed.  Still, I came away with some ridiculously cheap yarns.  I can’t remember all the exact prices, but I don’t think I paid more than 10kr per 100g for any of these.  The grey one is wool, the blue is cotton, and the cream is a cotton & acrylic mix that has a very nice feel to it.

Next time round, I met up with Johanna on a Friday, and took just Frida with me.  Thankfully, Frida was a little angel, and she just stared and snoozed and charmed the multitudes of little old ladies who were shopping.  I had expected the store to be a little calmer on a weekday, but boy was I wrong!  It was packed with bargain hunters, stretching for bolts of fabric and nearly tripping over Frida’s car seat.  I concentrated on the fabrics this time, and came home with these little gems:

I bought one more fabric, but some or all of it will be sent away to Clarkville, so I won’t ruin the surprise by showing it here.

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