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After a long consideration, I decided recently that upgrading my sewing machine would be worthwhile. My old machine was a cheap, entry-level Brother, bought while living in london, when I was really unsure how much use it would get. It’s a bit worn out now, and I realised that a new machine would probably allow me to make better use of those few sewing hours I manage to get.

So, we stopped in at the Bernina store last week. It just so happened that the machine I wanted, the Aurora 440QE, was on sale. It seemed like fate, so on wednesday I picked up this little beauty.

Some of my favourite things so far …
* it’s quiet. You can sew and hold a conversation at the same time!
* the bobbin winder is lightning fast
* it has a knee-operated lever to lift the foot
* it’s a bernina. I have wanted to go back to a bernina ever since saying goodbye to “old faithful”, mum’s old bernina that lived with me for a few years before I left NZ
* the light is really bright – a big advantage for evening sewing in our poorly lit living room

It came with some really nifty quilting tools that I’ll hopefully put through their paces soon. Stay tuned for some new sewing projects soon!

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