29. March 2012 · Comments Off on New PJs · Categories: Craft

One of my favourite things about our new house is that I’ve got my own sewing room! I’m not quite ready to share pictures of the room itself yet, but here is the first project that came out of it: new pyjamas for Anneli, made from my worn out old pregnancy/breastfeeding nighties.

I know what some of you are thinking: “pink?!” These were of course a gift, and a greatly appreciated one. They could have been neon pink with pictures of that annoying gimp from the red hot chilli peppers on them, and they still would have been worn almost to death (but probably would have been less likely to end up as pyjamas)

I re-used the neckline from one nighty so I could keep the original snaps in place:

Anneli loves them, and I love giving new life to old things 🙂

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