31. March 2011 · Comments Off on Toddler t-shirts · Categories: Craft

Finding time to sew is pretty impossible these days, and when the machine does make an appearance I often get bogged down in things that need to be mended.  Sewing for myself is also problematic – tops need to be breastfeeding-friendly, and although I’d love to make myself a pair of jeans I would prefer to wait until I’ve (hopefully) taken care of the remaining post-pregnancy jelly belly.  Plus I was also set back recently when I found that I have mislaid the little bag that contains the extra presser feet for the sewing machine – so anything involving a buttonhole or a zip was out of the question until they were replaced (thanks to eBay).

However I did manage to recently throw together two t-shirts for Anneli, with some grey rib jersey I had in stash and some good old knicker elastic.  I also got inspiration from a tiny little gnome that I spotted on one of Frida’s lovely bibs, and added a cupcake tag into the side seam of the long-sleeved one.

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