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I completed some quilted pillow covers a while ago, but hadn’t posted about them yet.

They are all made from a bunch of “Kiwiana” (in other words, New Zealand themed) quilting fabrics that I’ve been given by a few people.  We’ve been in desperate need for sofa cushions for a while.  Actually, we still are – four cushions isn’t really enough.

The first one I made in a kind of koru shape.

The second has a basket-and-seafood theme, including a section where I wove together strips of fabric & batting.

The third was the most challenging, a feather (using a whole lot of bird-themed fabrics)

And the fourth is loosely based on the kind of pattern you see on the bodice of a traditional Maori dress

The backs of all four covers are the same – pale corduroy, and an envelope closure held with velcro.


  1. Well done Tin. Very professional looking indeed! 🙂

  2. they look great and colourful. need more fabric? xxx

  3. Hey I recognise those fabrics 😉 I used the Tui one to make a peg apron:


    I made it while living in Australia to remind me of our amazing birds. Now I am back home and my Kowhai tree is full of them, but I’ll never get sick of the beautiful Tui 🙂

    I love how you mixed all the fabric together, very cute.