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We’re on a definite plastic avoidance strategy nowadays.  We’ve been doing the easy stuff, like taking our own bags to the supermarket.  Then we got some lovely stainless drink bottles – two big ones for us to take to the gym, and one little one for Anneli.  We prefer our wooden chopping boards over plastic, and glass jars for storing food over plastic containers.

But this is a new level of plastic avoidance: fabric vege bags.  I didn’t like all the plastic bags that we collected our fruit & veges into at the supermarket.  So I thought, why not take fabric bags for that purpose too?  We use self-scanning at the supermarket, and almost always checkout without staff involvement, so I wasn’t worried about any raised eyebrows at the checkout.  I used some old sheet material, from some delightful floral sheets scavenged at Mum’s new bach, and made four simple little drawstring bags.

Here are the new bags, being modelled by some oranges, mushrooms and baking potatoes.

Happy plastic-free fruit and veges

I have plonked the mushrooms straight into the fridge in their cloth bag, and I’m hoping they will keep better than they usually do in plastic.

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  1. That’s a great use for those old sheets! I have some more of them taking up a space in the ‘baby room’.
    All we need to do now is abolish biofuel cars and we can save the planet!!