04. March 2011 · Comments Off on Sewing and sticking · Categories: Craft

In amongst all that yarn that I got from my husband’s cousin’s girlfriend’s grandmother, was also a fair old pile of various fabrics, including large-checked cottons in red, orange, and green.  It has a nice fifties-kitchen feel about it.

From the orange & green, I’ve made a dozen napkins, since we’ve been wanting “everyday” napkins so we can use less paper towels.


And with the red, I’ve been covering lids for some of our storage jars.  I like re-using glass jars to store some of our dry goods, especially since things so often come in crappy plastic bags that tear much further than you want them to on opening, and can then never be closed again.  That huge pasta jar was originally home to a large quantity of gherkins, and the smaller ones are Felix beetroot jars, which are a great size for things like cornflour, or nuts and seeds.

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