27. May 2009 · 1 comment · Categories: Craft

Oh goodie … look what I’ve got:

Yes, that’s an armchair full of new yarn. Garnstudio are having a sale of 40% off on almost all of their Drops yarn. Since my darling husband appreciates a bargain, he didn’t complain too much when I went slightly spastic in our local yarn store.

I have 20 balls of dark blue Eskimo to make myself a sweater of some kind (possibly this hoodie), 7 balls of Karisma to make a cardigan for squirt (probably this one, adjusted for the different yarn), and a whole swag of Karisma in various colours that can eventually become socks & mittens. There are lots of lacy sock patterns I’d like to try out, but all the sock yarn in my stash is self-striping, which I think doesn’t work so well with lace.

Some of you may be surprised to see flashes of pink in that pile. It’s true that I have a well publicised dislike of pink. However, I’m now mother to a little girl who has a very gender-neutral wardrobe. This, in combination with the general lack of other girly features (long hair, boobs, makeup) means that she often gets mistaken for a boy. So I recognise the need for a little bit of pink in her world.

Just don’t start expecting me to wear pink myself. Ick!

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  1. The Willow Fairy

    I'd knitt a swetter saying girl instead. Why should girls always be associated with pink. If I had a baby it would probably be covered in green all the time…