Ok, I can’t really come up with 101 things.  But we have now harvested over 32kg of zucchini, so I’ve been getting a bit inventive in the kitchen.  Here are a few ideas.

Moussaka – replace aubergine slices with zuke slices.  You don’t need to fry them first.

Lasagne – replace pasta sheets with zuke slices.  Makes it a lot like a moussaka  🙂  A good choice for low-carb or gluten-free dieters!

Zuke noodles – I read about this on the Stonesoup blog, and we now eat zuke noodles quite often.  Another good one for pasta avoiders.

Grate them – and have them raw in a salad or hidden in a casserole … a la The Cottage Smallholder.

Zucchini chocolate cake – I made this for Linus’s birthday cake and it went down a treat.

Throw them in an omelette or quiche.  I am considering a crazy idea involving replacing quiche pastry with overlapped zuke slices.  It could be genius, or it could be a kitchen catastrophe … watch this space.

Ask Google – search for “zucchini glut” and you’ll find a million other suggestions.

Or, just fry them with bacon.  Because bacon makes things good.


Zukes with bacon


  1. I’ve been making zucchini relish. Yummy. Uses us those extra zukes in no time.

  2. Relish sounds like a great idea, but we’ve run out of jars … because we also grew too many gherkins, and scavenged too many berries. Our cellar is full of pickles and jam!

    If I manage to scavenge some empty jars from the neighbours then I’ll email you for a recipe 🙂