We went out for a foraging walk in the weekend, around our neighbourhood, and came home with 1.25k of ripe blackberries which I promptly made into another batch of jam.

Wild blackberry jam

We also found a patch of chanterelle mushrooms in one of our nearby bits of forest, which we brought home and fried for our lunch.

I harvested most of our beans, since they are so productive that we can’t keep up with eating them all. So I picked 1.2kg and chopped, blanched and froze them.

1.2kg of green beans

Then we did a big carrot harvest.  We’ve been eating our carrots for a while, but they were getting so bushy that they were smothering the onions they are intercropped with.  So, we did a little “thinning”.

About 9kg of carrot thinnings

Now we have to do something with them all …

And finally on Sunday we were invited to pick black currants at L’s mum’s house.  I didn’t photograph or weigh them, but we guess there was about 4kg of currants.  Some have been made into cordial, some are dehydrating, and some are in the fridge, waiting patiently to be made into jam.

I did some weeding between the remaining veges, and they were looking lovely, so I took a snap.

Happy veges

You can see our parsnips and leeks in the foreground, and possibly make out some kale, celery, one lonely broccoli and one lonely red cabbage in the background.

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  1. Actually, I did weigh the black currants, and there were 4-and-a-bit kilos.

    And some of them are fermenting (or maybe not fermenting? I can’t see any bubbles…) hoping that they’ll turn into tasty wine.