In the spring we adopted a bunch of jeruslem artichoke plants from Linus’s mum, and planted them just next to the deck. Since then, they’ve been pretty much left alone, apart from some (not very successful) attempts to stop the slugs from eating them. They survived, and thrived, and grew very very tall … and this week we decided it was time to see if there was anything to harvest.

So Linus pulled up two plants, and this is what he found:

1.1kg of the freshest jerusalems I’ve ever met. I made this lot into a delicious soup for our lunch, and some puree for Anneli’s lunch, and we all enjoyed it very much.

These were both ridiculously easy to grow and really productive. That’s my kind of gardening!

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  1. The recipe must be the critical component in such an endeavour. Every artichoke that has ever passed my lips has been rather tasteless and uninteresting.
    I got agree with you about easy gardening though, that's a lot of produce from two plants.
    How are Linus's fingers doing, going green yet?