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It’s been quite a while since I blogged.  Anneli had a cold for the most part of the last 2 weeks, so was kept out of daycare.  Luckily she has a grandmother close by who really enjoys her company, so we got lots of baby sitting.   We also spent a weekend up in Falun, which was a great way to switch off for a couple of days.

On the way home from Falun, we stopped at a beekeeping store in Töreboda.  We are both keen to get a beehive, but it won’t be this year because we don’t really have the spare cash to get all the equipment.  Instead we bought some bees wax, and I had a go at making some hand cream.

Home made hand cream

I followed this recipe, and added a drop of lavender essential oil.  It feels quite oily for a few minutes after using it, but otherwise I love it.  Most of all I love that it has a really simple ingredient list and I know what all the ingredients are – no mysterious chemicals at all.

Linus then had a go at making a lip balm:

Home made lip balm

with bees wax and honey, and this is similarly lovely.  He’s also rolled some candles from the wax sheets.

In other crafty news, I finished a pair of socks last month, the “regurgitated parrot socks”.  I called them that because I think that if you chewed on a parrot for a while, and then spat it out, it would look at least a little bit like this yarn.

Regurgitated parrot socks

I really enjoyed the entrelac knitting though, which was something I hadn’t tried before.  These socks have a project page here.  I recently went through my archive of sewing and knitting projects, and started creating a project page for each one – you can see these pages by clicking on the “Craft” tab above.

Finally, things are coming along in the gardening department.  We are often spending our evenings digging up rocks in order to make the vegetable patches larger, and we have an army of baby plants gathering their strength inside in preparation for moving outdoors soon.

Plant babies

There are tomatoes, pumpkins, broccolli, peas, cabbages, green kale, and more tomatoes.

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