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I have been rather hopeless at posting on the blog lately.  Since our darling daughter started at daycare, she has become very good at bringing home strange and unusual bugs that our poor immune systems are not used to, and so there has been a string of colds going through the house.  My most recent one turned into a sinus infection that actually had me shedding tears in misery.

Happily, we are all healthy again now.  I thought I would post some photos from last month that haven’t previously had their public debut.

Back in the spring, everything started to green up and then the ground burst out into a sea of these little white flowers – vitsippor in Swedish.  This bit of forest is on our daily “commute” to daycare.  In the winter it was impassable, but in the spring it became the highlight of the day.

A local forest patch

Anneli enjoys the forest view on her way home

We had our own cherry blossom festival here:

And then we had a storm, after which they looked like this:

We had some stunning weather in May.  After a brief heat wave:

Richard arrived for a visit, and it turned back to average springtime.  But it was still nice enough for a picnic down on the beach.

And we took our guest to Universeum in Gothenburg, where we saw pointy pink birds and fluffy black monkeys.

I had one lonely tulip blooming in the tulip patch:

Most of its friends were nibbled to death by the deer:

Lonely tulip did eventually get some friends who also bloomed, but it was far from being the tulip patch of my dreams.

That pretty much sums it up for May 2010.  We did a lot of digging in the garden, but I don’t have particularly interesting photos to show for it.  Stay tuned though because the vegetable patch is starting to produce the goods!

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