It’s been a long time since I finished a knitting project.  This one was a long time coming – I started knitting the cable strips when Frida was just a few months old!  Each cable was fun for about half of the strip, and then got incredibly boring, so this became a hard project to finish.  But eventually, I did.


The fabric on the back is a quilting cotton I bought at Stoff och Stil in Gothenburg.  The yarn was acquired from my husband’s cousin’s fiance’s grandmother.

The finished size of the blanket is 76x96cm.  It should be big enough for Frida as long as she keeps sleeping in the cot, and we can take the side off the cot to make it into a regular bed so she should be in there for a while yet.  I may need to sew some fabric flaps on the side to keep her tucked in.  In any case, I’m glad it was finished in time for winter.