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Att weaving school I’m working on some hand towels, but I wanted to give myself a practise project at home as well. So I set up my little table loom with some wool yarns that I had many small quantities of. I squeezed out enough bits for the warp and am using an all-grey weft.

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Before Christmas I finished these two slip covers for two grubby white armchairs.  The chairs themselves are wonderful, but they could really use re-upholstering after having lived with us and our marmite-loving children.  But it seems foolish to reupholster them now, so until the kids are bigger they will live underneath these removable & washable slip covers.

The fabric is from two pairs of curtains that I picked up at a second-hand shop.  They are held in place underneath with some button tabs that wrap around each leg, and there is velcro holding one side seam together, so that it was possible to make them removable but still snug fitting.

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I made mug rugs!  I actually made these a couple of months ago, but they were a birthday gift and I didn’t want to post about them until I was sure they had arrived.  All the fabrics were from stash, and it helped me use up some small pieces of quilt batting too.  I don’t know why the background in these photos came out so pink – it’s just a white kitchen bench, honest.




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Here’s a baby quilt that I finished and posted off in June, to a lovely little girl called Louisa.

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I completed some quilted pillow covers a while ago, but hadn’t posted about them yet.

They are all made from a bunch of “Kiwiana” (in other words, New Zealand themed) quilting fabrics that I’ve been given by a few people.  We’ve been in desperate need for sofa cushions for a while.  Actually, we still are – four cushions isn’t really enough.

The first one I made in a kind of koru shape.

The second has a basket-and-seafood theme, including a section where I wove together strips of fabric & batting.

The third was the most challenging, a feather (using a whole lot of bird-themed fabrics)

And the fourth is loosely based on the kind of pattern you see on the bodice of a traditional Maori dress

The backs of all four covers are the same – pale corduroy, and an envelope closure held with velcro.

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The oil lamp on my bernina came on yesterday – that means I have stitched 180,000 stitches with this machine! Yes, that is a little exciting.

Here’s a crappy phone picture of my new sewing table, finally all set up. I bought a kitchen bench top, 800x2020mm, and Linus & I sanded and lacquered it. It is mounted on desk legs with an electric motor, so I can change the height – high for cutting out, low for sitting at the machine. It is brilliant.