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We’re back home in Sweden, in our own winter wonderland. I have taken a few pictures of the snow, but while I get those sorted out I will continue with summing up 2009.

Obviously, there was a lot going on this year, so I didn’t do as much knitting or sewing as I would have liked. But I did manage to throw together a few things.

On the sewing front, I put together an outfit for Anneli to wear to big cousin George’s wedding in Spain:

Plus a sun hat for the same trip.

I also made about a million cloth nappies (well, at least 24 I think).

And, I finished my very first quilt – a cot quilt for Anneli made from the remnants of her nappies!

Then I whipped up another quilt and matching pillow for the upcoming Baby Clarkville:

And as you can see I knitted a cotton cardigan for Baby Clarkville as well. We had a lovely time staying at the cottage while in NZ, which I will write more about at a later date.

I churned out more knitted items than sewn items this year. Anneli got a fair isle cardigan:

And quite a few pairs of socks, none of which stayed on her feet:

I made myself a chunky neck cosy:

And armwarmers:

And I finished a spring cardigan in the summer. I really did finish it, I just don’t have any pictures of the completed item:

The kitchen was a new recipient of knitted goods this year, with a tea cosy, coffee cosy, and cotton dishcloths:

And mum was lucky enough to get a pair of socks for her birthday:

Just for variety, I turned my hand to a little bit of embroidery this year as well. I completed this cross stitch kit that had been lurking in the craft room for a couple of years:

And then I whacked together a couple of freestyle projects based on floral designs from books. Here is the first one:

I really enjoyed all my craft projects this year, especially the quilting and embroidery, and I hope I’ll be able to find time this year to play some more!