While making my last three cushion covers, I promised myself that when they were done I would make something for ME.  I have had this plaid fabric sitting in my stash since picking it up at the closing down sale at Normi Garn early last year.  It’s a very cosy soft brushed cotton, perfect for something new for autumn.

I recently tore a hole in a muslin shirt that has been a favourite for many years, so I decided to take it to pieces and make a pattern from it.  The muslin fabric of the original had quite a lot of give, so it could get away with not having much shaping, and still not look boxy.  However this fabric did not have the same give, so I added some front darts.  I really like the resulting fit, and I’m really pleased that I can pull it on over my head (who can be bothered with buttons first thing in the morning?).  I think this pattern will be getting used again.