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Back in July, for our 5th wedding anniversary, we left the kids with their grandmother and took a road trip down to Copenhagen for a night.

I decided to document the trip with Retro Camera.  Since this is what all the kids seem to do these days.

First, since we had kindof a late start to the day (thanks to our wonderful kids for a very rare sleep-in), we had a quick stop at Max for a brunch-time burger.

First stop: Max


Onwards to Helsingborg, and then on to the ferry!

On the ferry


After parking up and checking in, we went out searching for more sustenance.  At Green Sushi we stopped for sashimi.

Afternoon snack


In the harbour there was a sandcastle competition going on.

Sandcastle competition


We strolled around enjoying the lovely weather.  Here’s an obligatory shot of Nyhavn.



On to our anniversary meal … big, fat, juicy organic steaks at Gourmandiet.  Oh yeah.  Oh yeah, baby.  If you like meat, and you like it cooked the way you ask for it, and you are a crazy hippy who eats organic things, and you’re going to Copenhagen, then GO EAT THERE.

Fantastic meal at Gourmandiet


The next morning we did a little shopping before heading up the coastal road back to the ferry.  Of course we got hungry along the way, and stopped at this little treasure:

Roadside restaurant on the way home


There was so much good stuff on the menu that we ordered three main courses – a steak tartare, a slab of lovely beef, and a fantastic salad with goats cheese.  All good!

Another wonderful meal on the drive home


And we ate in a booth like this one.  So cozy!  We now want a dining nook in our house.

Booth in the lovely roadside restaurant