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I love our kitchen sofa, but up until now it hasn’t been a really comfy place to sit. This seems to be a uniquely Scandinavian piece of furniture – basically, it’s a wooden sofa and I think generally the seat lifts up so you can use the bottom part as a big storage box. At least, ours does, and apparently it was used as a bed for Linus when he was little.

On one of our many trips to Ikea I was allowed to buy a whole load of their Kallt fabric, which was on sale, and a bunch of cheap cushions. Then I sent Linus to buy a big piece of foam from a store in Göteborg that does boat cushions.

And behold! My vision is complete:

Covering the cusions was easy, but covering the piece of foam was a bit more tedious. It’s all done now though, and it’s a lovely place to sit and absorb the morning sun.