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We were lucky enough to spend a whole week at the cottage in Clarkville while in NZ. Mrs Clarkville was newly freed from work at the start of her maternity leave, so although we were working while there, we also got to do a few excursions, like a jaunt up and over the Port Hills.

Anneli enjoyed making friends with Toby:

image IMG_8894.jpg image IMG_8919.jpg

We were there for the amazing honey harvest:
image IMG_8904.jpg

And we were privileged to sleep beneath the beautiful “wedding tablecloth quilt”, which I love:
image IMG_8913.jpg

Thank you Clarkevillians!

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I have uploaded a few pictures of Anneli and a few random pictures taken so far in NZ.

For baby cuteness, check out Anneli’s gallery

For scenery and stuff, check out our trip gallery.

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Every time I open my laptop there is work to do, and I’d much rather free myself from the computer and be out in the sun, rather than writing blog posts or processing photographs. So if you’re waiting for photos, you’ll just have to keep waiting … until we get a rainy day or something!