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I finished this bed runner last month, but blog posts have been few & far between lately.


This was the original fabric: an old curtain that I picked up my favourite fabric store (the Red Cross)


I used a kaleidoscope quilt technique that I had read about, and made hexagons.  Here was a work-in-progress shot:


I didn’t have enough batting for it so I just quilted the top onto a piece of white backing fabric.  I used pretty much every square centimetre of that curtain, including some big crazy tie-backs with bows on them that were home-made with a variety of methods, including hand stitches, staples, and a couple of treacherous headless pins.  No sewists were injured in the making of this bed runner though.

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We still need more cushions around the place.  I made three new ones last week.  The fabric is tablecloths that I bought at Hemtex some years ago (it’s the same pattern as I used on the chair cushions, but in two different colourways).



The backs have a zipper closure.  I happened to have three brown zips of an appropriate length in my stash, thanks to impulse purchasing a bundle of 120 zips from Ebay once.  I knew that was a good idea!


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image IMG_8909.jpg

We were lucky enough to spend a whole week at the cottage in Clarkville while in NZ. Mrs Clarkville was newly freed from work at the start of her maternity leave, so although we were working while there, we also got to do a few excursions, like a jaunt up and over the Port Hills.

Anneli enjoyed making friends with Toby:

image IMG_8894.jpg image IMG_8919.jpg

We were there for the amazing honey harvest:
image IMG_8904.jpg

And we were privileged to sleep beneath the beautiful “wedding tablecloth quilt”, which I love:
image IMG_8913.jpg

Thank you Clarkevillians!

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OhMyGosh! I finished a quilt:

When I ordered flannel for making cloth nappies, I somewhat overcatered … so I used the many leftovers for this quilt. The circles were great for using up the small pieces left over from cutting out nappies. Here is the back:

I was inspired and guided by this tutorial. Sewing the circles was kinda tedious, kinda fun. I think it would have been much more fun with more different fabrics – working with just two colours made the piecing a bit boring. I was a bit concerned about being able to quilt it in my little Brother PX-100, but it actually wasn’t too difficult. I don’t know how well she would cope with a grownup-sized quilt though.

Finally, here it is with the blurry little recipient: