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I think that if you live in an old farmhouse, you’re allowed to prepend the word “Farmhouse” to anything you make.  That’s my rule anyway.

Last week we took delivery of a quarter of a bull from our favourite beef supplier, Rösarp Highland Cattle.  To use up some of the mincing meat, we decided to have a sausage making session on Saturday, with some friends & neighbours.  We came out with 3kg of pork sausages and 7kg of beef sausages, and sent a few more kilos of the beef ones home with friends who wanted to take a share in the bull.  Our neighbours stuffed a whopping 15kg of sausages, which we thought was ambitious for first-time sausagemakers, but they were very well prepared which made it a doddle.  Note to self: next time, do the mincing the day before!

Pork and thyme sausages

Considering we also acquired two lambs the previous weekend, the chest freezer is now groaningly full of meat.  I froze some of the sausages raw and some pre-boiled, so they are proper “fast food”.  Linus also rolled many many meatballs and patted many patties, and froze them on trays, so we also have free-flow frozen meatballs and burger patties as well.

It took me a while to remember how to make links, and in doing so I think I thoroughly confused at least one of our guests  🙂  But sometime in the evening I remembered the trick, and then I really hit my stride and was churning out beautiful links that did not go into a crazy spin and unravel themselves as soon as you let go of them.  So satisfying!

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