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We seem to have a lot of dragonflies around the place at the moment.  This one took an unusually long rest on one of our apple trees, long enough for me to get a picture.

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We have a large birdhouse in a tree behind our house.  Sometimes we have heard an owl calling from that general direction, but I had never seen anything there until tonight.  I was passing through the bathroom and this little face caught my eye.

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The snow has compacted and hardened up, so it’s a lot easier for the deer to get around the neighbourhood, and we’ve seen our locals in the garden a couple of times.  We used to have a usual gang of three, but now they’re four!

Four deer in the garden

Our local gang of hooligans

The weather has  been warmer, with positive temperatures quite a few days in the last week.  On Saturday it was really warm in the sunshine, so we sat outside for our morning tea.  Anneli had one of her favourites, cottage cheese with orange chunks.

Anneli enjoys her morning tea

Anneli enjoys her morning tea

I’m still working on getting the new blog up to date, in particular getting my photo gallery in place and getting the photographs back into my older blog posts, which is a bit of a tedious job.  It’s all coming along though, thank you for your patience!

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One evening last week, we could see an owl in the trees behind the house. It was pretty dark though, and it was on the wrong side of the trees, so there was no photo opportunity. I was still quite excited since I’d never seen an owl in the wild before.

Imagine my delight when I took some dishes into the kitchen this afternoon and saw not one but TWO owls having a nap right outside our kitchen window.

Of course I ran for the camera. I had to open the door to get any decent photos, which woke the little fellas up. They looked at me with big round eyes for a bit, and then one of them flew away. The other one is still snoozing in the tree.

Click here to see a few more photos.

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I’ve mentioned a few times the fact that we occasionally have local deer who visit our garden. But they’ve been eluding my camera … until now. Here’s a couple of pictures of one little fella who was nibbling on our hazel bushes recently.

And here is a green woodpecker who was frabbling with something in the grass: