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The tooth-brushing woman I ranted about in my last post was pretty annoying. But today the madness reached new levels.

I was in the ladies’ room at work when I heard someone switch on a tap and leave it running for an unnaturally long time. I couldn’t hear brushing sounds though, so I thought perhaps someone just had a hand-washing OCD.

But no, on emerging I found that the tap was, indeed, being run at full bore without being used.

Now get this: It was not the toothbrushing woman, it was someone else.

And now get this, too: She was not brushing her teeth. She was putting on makeup.

I was perplexed enough at wondering what reason anyone could possibly have for running the tap while brushing, but I have to say I am now absolutely and completely stumped at why you would need to run the tap while you’re brushing glitter dust on your eyelids.

I guess I just have to add this to the long list of things I just don’t understand.

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Here’s a few words and phrases that I’m very sick of seeing:

“credit crunch”
“nanny state”
“sub prime”
“carbon credits”

I’m also very sick of the woman in my office who feels the need to brush her teeth several times a day. I have no problem at all with the tooth-brushing itself. It’s the fact that she leaves the tap running for 5 minutes while she brushes.

I’ve never understood this habit. What possible reason does anyone have for leaving the water running while they brush? It annoys the hell out of me. I have been considering, next time I see her brushing her teeth, whether I should turn on a tap and leave it running while I go for a pee. But I’m not sure she’d get it.

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want something funny? how about this revealing short film about minstrels

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yuk – an update
update on the disgusting fingernails post i made a few weeks ago – they were very much like this, except they had sparkly gold things painted on them:

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i went to collect dad from the airport yesterday. he was due to arrive at 14:15, so i got there about 14:40 which should have been just right. when i reached heathrow, the arrivals screen said he was due at 14:50. which wasn’t too bad, so i sat down to knit.

at about 15:20 i noticed that the screen still said “expected 14:50”. i started to wonder if they just weren’t updating it. then it said “landed 15:22”. hurrah! i thought. a text i’d sent to dad earlier suddenly reported as delivered, so i knew he was on the ground and i got up to loiter by the arrivals door.

then i got a text from dad: “Sorry, diverted to Gatwick! Heathrow closed due to gas leak. Still in plane on the ground while they find out if we are to fly on or get off here”

gas leak? what gas leak? i’m at heathrow, and nobody told me. in fact they haven’t even told me that the plane i’m waiting for is at the wrong airport. oh well, lucky i brought some knitting.

about 15 minutes later i got the next message from dad: “Just advised Heathrow open again. Will take on fuel before continuing. Expected take off is 45 min away”. i hoped i wouldn’t run out of yarn.

heathrow still hadn’t given any information about this – everything i knew about the situation was from dad.

at 16:10, almost an hour after his plane landed at gatwick, heathrow finally made an announcement to say that 5 planes have been diverted to gatwick and that they have no estimate of what time they will reach heathrow. the flight disappeared from the arrivals screen. i bought a smoothie and occupied a table in the smoothie bar for about an hour. i ran out of yarn.

just after 17:00, i went back to the arrivals area. the flight was back on the screen, saying “diverted”. no shit!

then, suddenly, at 17:25 it changed to “landed”. a few minutes later dad phoned me to assure me that he was at heathrow this time. we finally got on our way and headed for the tube, which was a scene of pure chaos due to the sudden glut of arrivals, the typical 50% of ticket machines out of order, and the confusion created by the news that part of the network is closed down because of the gas leak. so we got a cab.

so, that gas leak. i was at heathrow for 4 hours, straining my little ears for information, and at no point did they mention there was a gas leak. it was an hour before they told us that the planes we were waiting for had gone to another airport, and at that point all they said was that there was an “earlier incident”. i can appreciate that you would not want to cause panic, but a little bit of info wouldn’t hurt.

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wow, victoria street is a hotbed of excitement and intrigue. last week i arrived at work to find the reception swarming with coppers and medics. it turns out that this lovely and well-balanced lady had just been peeled off our front door, after attaching herself there with superglue. she’d arrived at 8am so i missed out on the spectacle – had she done her homework she would have known that 90% of staff at lastminute arrive later than 9:30am.
the excitement for this week came in the form of a collapsing building on the next block. we heard an awful lot of siren activity and saw the swarm of firetrucks heading there, but it wasn’t until i got home and read the news that i found out what had happened. remarkably, despite the apparent carnage, only 2 people were hurt.


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this morning i saw the most disgusting fingernails i’ve ever seen in person. they were around 10cm long, and i’m fairly sure they were real because they were pretty thick and curly and horrific.

oh, and they were painted gold, with little starbursts on. classy.