We spent the weekend in picturesque Hunnebostrand, by the sea:

We enjoyed a preposterous amount of seafood, including crabs, shrimp, smoked mackerel, seafood pate, löjrom (a kind of caviar), havskräftor (small crayfish, like langoustines), and finally lobster as the main event. I’m fairly sure it was the best lobster I’ve eaten – moist and tasty and not at all chewy. Lobster season runs from September to April, and Hunnebostrand is the home of the “Lobster Academy”.

We also visited a couple of flea markets, where I scored a marble rolling pin and two awesome vases from Alingsås Keramik:

Back home, we found that mice have been having a party in the part of the cellar where Linus was aging some cheese. We have set out a bunch of traps, but from the amount of cheese that has been eaten it seems we may have a mouse army living downstairs.

Anneli’s first tooth made its debut appearance last Wednesday, which pleased her immensely. But after a day of grumpiness she seems to have gotten used to it being there. It feels strange when I feed her though, and feel the tooth scritch against the plastic spoon. I wonder how long it will be before the rest of them start popping up, and if she will be similarly grumpy each time – or better, or worse.


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