I enabled comments on my blog a few months ago, but I’ve only had about 4 comments left so far. A couple of people have mentioned that they have had trouble leaving comments. I have tested the comment form and it works for me, so here are some instructions.

How to leave a comment on my blog

1. Click on the comments link below the post you want to comment on. It usually says “0 comments”. This will open a new little browser window.
2. Type your comment in the big box.
3. Read the funny wiggly word below the big box, and type it into the “Word verification” field. This is there so that nasty spammers can’t leave automatic spam messages on my blog.
4. Choose one of the four options below the “Choose an identity” heading.

* If you have a Google account, you can select the first option “Google account” and log into it with your Google username and password.

* If you have an Open ID, you can choose the second option and log in with your Open ID.

* If you have neither of those things, you can choose between the last two. If you select “Name/URL” then two fields appear, where you can enter your name and the URL of your website, if you have one. You can choose to just enter your name there.

* If you select “Anonymous” then your comment will have no name attached to it (but you could still sign your name within the comment text itself).

That’s all there is to it!

Now, everyone reading this post needs to write a comment so I can see that it works! Now! Do it!


  1. Does it work? 😉

    I read most of your blog posts via Ravelry, I'm sorry I haven't commented (in a while, at least). I'm having problems with logging in to my google account from home (for some reason), so I usually end up not commenting that much on blogs, even though I would like to (I'm at work now ;P)

  2. Yes Boss! Him cumma longa topside lickety split, him plurry big fella. Me run!

    I don't have a Google(y) thing, or twitter, book full of fa(e)ces, bebo's or nuffing. I simple dude from New Guinea Highlands, boss!

    Or, Pop for short