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The tooth-brushing woman I ranted about in my last post was pretty annoying. But today the madness reached new levels.

I was in the ladies’ room at work when I heard someone switch on a tap and leave it running for an unnaturally long time. I couldn’t hear brushing sounds though, so I thought perhaps someone just had a hand-washing OCD.

But no, on emerging I found that the tap was, indeed, being run at full bore without being used.

Now get this: It was not the toothbrushing woman, it was someone else.

And now get this, too: She was not brushing her teeth. She was putting on makeup.

I was perplexed enough at wondering what reason anyone could possibly have for running the tap while brushing, but I have to say I am now absolutely and completely stumped at why you would need to run the tap while you’re brushing glitter dust on your eyelids.

I guess I just have to add this to the long list of things I just don’t understand.

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