When dear husband said that he & his hunting mate were going to look for a lookout spot, I didn’t exactly expect it to be on the garage roof …


  1. What are they hunting?

  2. Badgers, foxes, and deer 🙂

    Badgers because they are digging holes in our lawn. Foxes because we don’t want them to eat our chooks (and cos getting rid of foxes may increase the hare population, which will give them something else to hunt). And deer because we think they’d probably make lovely biltong.

    This morning they saw a moose, but weren’t allowed to shoot it – moose season hasn’t started, plus it was on the neighbour’s property anyway.

  3. I’d sort of assumed they were hunting the Wild Northern Lawnmower.

  4. Ah yes, ’tis a wily creature, the wild northern lawnmower. Known for lurking under a tarp and pouncing upon its victims.

    Luckily though, it is a distant relative of the dalek, and thus unable to climb ladders. So they were safe … this time …

  5. I just hope the neighbours are keeping a real low profile!!