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At last, I can report my first moose sighting. Last week we were out for a drive near Fjärås, getting lost, when we stumbled into a residential suburb on the far side of Kungsbacka. Linus suddenly said “LookAtThatLookAtThatLookAtThat”, and indeed there was something to look at – two moose, a mother and a calf, were jumping over a hedge into someone’s front garden!

Sadly I have no photos to corroborate my story. We swung the car around to try & get another look, with Mum in the back seat ready with her camera … but by the time we got back to where we’d seen them, they were trotting away behind someone’s house.

In other wildlife news, we have had 3 small deer paying visits to our house a few times in the last couple of weeks and have also spotted woodpeckers and robins in our garden.

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