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All our stuff arrived from London on Friday. One of the things that the packers liked to do was to create giant boxes by taping multiple boxes together. And some were big enough to fit a full-sized Swede inside!

Another thing they liked to do was use up bubble plastic. Each box we unpack is approximately 50% bubble plastic and 50% belongings. They were a little random with the application of bubbles, though – for example, I found unbreakable items (such as lids for plastic containers, and a tub of shoe polish) wrapped up in plastic, and other items (like a bottle of whisky) not wrapped at all.

We are in the midst of unpacking chaos now, and the house looks a bit like this:

We have a new dishwasher (that is happily installed in a corner of the kitchen), and a new-to-us fridge (that is in the process of being waggled into place tonight). Since I’m now 38 weeks pregnant, and Squirt could make an appearance any time in the next 4 weeks, I kindof want as much unpacking as possible to get done soon. All the boxes were wheeled into the outside guest room, and we’re bringing them in one by one to unpack. But in a month’s time we need to be able to wheel my mother in there, so it would be good if it’s fairly clear.

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