At last, baby Frida decided to join us on Wednesday afternoon, 10 days past her due date.  It was another pretty quick labour, just under 7 hours from start to finish, but with a very intense conclusion (anyone who wants the gory details can ask for them!).  She weight 3.655kg at birth and measured 51cm long.

It was very frustrating for me to go overdue, so thanks to everyone who did not bombard me with “is the baby here yet?” questions.  It’s a big relief that I don’t have to worry about hitting a deadline and having to be chemically induced.  So she did well, in the end!

Everyone is healthy & happy.  Anneli is so far a very sweet and caring big sister, and is fascinated by this new tiny addition to the household.

Frida has her own blog at where we will be uploading more photos.


  1. Beautiful! Well worth the wait. 🙂

  2. Another little beauty. We are so happy for you both.

  3. Great work, Tin! Is that really a hospital provided lunch in front of you in the last pic?! Wowza. All the best to all four of you!!

  4. Belated congratulations guys. She is very, very cute. What a great way to start 2011!