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As well as the many vege babies in our kitchen, I have a few ornamentals that are managing to survive. This is a big deal as I have a long tradition of killing pot plants.


This is a rose that I raised from a cutting. At our old house we had a huge red rose bush that had been planted by L’s grandmother back in the 50s. We couldn’t dig it up and bring it with us, so I took 6 cuttings. This is the sole survivor.  It’s been green all winter and has two new spurts of growth.  I’m planning to take a few more cuttings from this, as backup, before planting this one out this summer.


I have owned three orchids in my life, all gifts.  This is the only one that has lived.  And not only is it alive, but it is growing!  It has gained leaves over the winter and how it has this long new shoot, and some new roots growing as well.  Exciting stuff.

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