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We’ve been working at home for over 2 years now, in a little out-building that acts as both an office and a guest room.  We painted the walls soon after moving in, but it’s still not been the nicest space, either in terms of work environment or for guests.  The floor was fairly ugly old linoleum, and the room contained a big bunk bed with a double bed below and single bed above.  The top of the bunk blocked a lot of light from one window, and the double bed reduced the usable floor space in office mode.

This year we decided it was worth investing a little bit of time and money to make this a nicer space both for ourselves and our guests.  The new daybed can be used as a single or a double bed, and has big drawers for storing bedding.  We also bought some secondhand good quality desk chairs – previously we were working on old kitchen chairs!

I really should have taken some “before” photos, but to be honest I was a little embarassed about just how unpretty it was!  So here are just the “after” photos, and anyone who has stayed with us will be able to really appreciate the transformation.


  1. Fantastiskt så fint det blev!

  2. looking good! love that green rug!