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monday is my last day on my current contract. could this be the best monday ever? only one more commute to canary wharf! on tuesday i can wake up safe in the knowledge that i don’t have to walk to the train station, wait for the train that is late, stand on the train to waterloo, battle through the commuters who frabble around the station concourse like pinball balls, descend the 3 escalators into the bowels of the station, queue for a train, and finally get on the jubilee line, sticking my belly out as far as it will go in the hope that i get the offer of a seat because by now what i want to do more than anything else in the world is just to simply sit down …

so, what am i going to do with myself now, i hear you ask. well don’t fret about me being idle and bored.

i will be working hard on our other little side project, the feisty startup company that linus & i have been putting our spare time into. i hope i’ll now have the time to build up momentum on real changes that will get the code much more robust and reliable and generally good.

i’m hoping i can also do some knitting. i’m 75% through paula’s birthday socks, and i’ve finished one baby cardigan for Squirt (although it still needs buttons).

i’d also love to get the sewing machine out and make a baby quilt, but i’m not sure about starting a sewing project while the flat is on the market – if we had a viewing at short notice i would have a major clearing up operation on my hands.

i guess i will think about all these things on tuesday, once that single, solitary last day is through.

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