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Here’s a picture of the new car:

Today we took it for a spin to get rid of some boxes at the recycling place, and pick up our last christmas gifts, and buy a christmas tree. It handled all those tasks with ease – in our last car, the back seats did not fold down so it was impossible to put anything large in the car. But with the help of a new tarpaulin to protect its delicate boot, we got a nice big christmast tree into the back with no problems. Now we just need to find a place in the house for it … (the tree, not the car)

Here’s a couple of pictures of the house that Linus took today. The garden looks a little grim, but we have big plans for it.

In the pregnancy news, I had to take off all my rings today because my fingers have swollen up a little. They’re not particularly swollen or fat, but just enough to make the rings feel quite uncomfortable, especially when I’m somewhere warm (like the house, or the car, or the shops, or indeed anywhere that isn’t outdoors). So I have all my rings on a chain around my neck, which was a slightly early Christmas gift from Linus.

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