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One of the biggest challenges in moving was getting our bed up to the top floor. It wouldn’t go up the stairs. Should you find yourself in the same position, I can now describe the solution.

First, collect your tools.  You will need:

1. A table.

2. Another table.

3. A rope.

4. A fine day.  Do not attempt this in the rain.

5. A strong helpful biker with a can-do attitude, a love of challenges, and a firm belief in the power of positive thinking.

Step one: Attach your rope to the bed, and place it on the edge of the first table. Hold it steady while you get the second table on top of the first, and then lift the bed up onto the second table.  Easy peasy.


Step two: Get a photo at this point, with which to impress your friends & family later.


Step three: Go up on the balcony, and pull on the rope.  A lot.  Make sure you have a photographer to capture the peculiar sight of a bed apparently standing on your veranda roof.  Piece of cake.


Step four: Pull some more.  It’s simple, isn’t it?


Step five: Keep pulling, then when the bed is withing reach, grab it and lift towards the balcony.


Step six: Lift and turn.


Et voila: Your bed is now on the correct floor and can be carried inside.  No problem!


I should finish this post with a big, loud, public THANK YOU to Mikael, without whom we would still be sleeping in the living room, wondering if we had to go out and buy another bed.  Our hero!


  1. Sounds like my type of guy! Well done to Mikael and helpers!
    You certainly lucked in with the weather on that day too!



  2. PS And the ‘Photographer’ of course! 🙂