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We’ve been eating a lot of lovely ripe cherry tomatoes from the garden.  They’re really one of my favourite harvests – so extremely tasty, especially compared to the flavourless hothouse tomatoes from the supermarket, and much cheaper than store-bought organic ones!

Apart from little slices of sunshine on our sandwiches at lunchtime, we’ve also made one of my favourite things ever … roasted tomato pasta sauce.

Cut your tomatoes in half and put them cut-side down in a roasting dish, along with some olive oil, sliced garlic, and fresh herbs (we used oregano, also from the garden).  Once they’re soft and gooey, add some cream (or in this case, lactose free cream substitute “Oatly”) and mash up the tomatoes a bit.

Add to some cooked pasta and enjoy!  Yes there was a tiny green one in there too – it vanished in the mashing process.  If we have a huge amount of green tomatoes left at the end of the season, I think I’ll try this with green tomatoes, because I’m fairly sure it will still be good.

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