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The people we bought our house from had a little boat that they couldn’t really take with them.  They offered it to us, and we accepted.  It was at the time lying on its back at a small harbour near here, which seemed like a nice place to keep it, so we put ourselves in the queue for a boat space there.

We got offered a  space, but got a bit of a shock at the price: 2,500 kronor a year.  That’s about £250 for the brits, or about $500 for the kiwis.  It doesn’t sound like all that much, but back in our old neighbourhood we could have had a space on a pier for about 200 kronor a year.  And if you consider that, what with all the other stuff we like to do, we may only use it 5 times in a year, that makes each boat trip pretty expensive.

So, we hired a trailer and brought it home.  Now it’s lying on its back at our house.  And now the question remains, what do we do with it?  We can look for another club where we can keep it, but most of them have waiting lists.  Or we can keep it at home, but that means we’d need to buy a trailer in order to be able to use it.  In either case, we also have to buy an outboard motor.

It’s a slightly tricky one.  On the one hand I look at it and think “Yeah!  Fishing!  Trips out to the islands!”.  On the other hand I think about the costs, the maintenance, and having to keep the kids under control while they’re in it.  Maybe it will just end up being a decorative bump in the garden for a year or two, until it becomes practical to use it.

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